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Improve your security with our Cyber Threat Assessment

This assessment deals specifically with the challenge traditional security technologies and methods face due to the sophistication of cybercriminal attacks. Cybercriminals target internal systems and effectively by-pass the organisations’ traditional security technologies. Research has shown that it is not a matter of “If” but “When” a breach will occur. This statistic is relevant irrespective of the size of an organisation.

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Our Approach

Our Cyber Threat Assessment allows you to:

  • Uncover and identify cybercriminal intelligence
  • Gain evidence to the value of intelligence feeds
  • Identify threats and risks based on empirical evidence
  • Automate reponse by integrating with existing security infrastructure
  • Segmenting threats for further investigation
  • Provide perspective on how cybercriminal intelligence can help to streamline and advance your security posture
  • Obtain recommendations of future steps to improve security to align with business objectives

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Our Differentiator 

  • Seasoned, experienced and business-minded security consultants with over 10 years of experience.
  • Well-versed with legislative and regulatory frameworks in addition to industry-leading standards.

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