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Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Depend on expert investigators when you're experiencing an incident




Penetration Testing

Incident Response

Responding to an incident effectively and in a timely manner will help your organisation minimise losses, mitigate exploited vulnerabilities, restore services and processes, and reduce the risks that future incidents pose.

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Forensic Investigation

Our analysts have vast experience in the identification, collection, preservation, processing, review, analysis and presentation of evidence over a wide range of cases including fraud, employee malfeasance, blackmail and confident/IP theft.

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Incident Response Plan & Playbooks

Developing an incident response plan is critical to ensure your organisation is prepared for a cyber incident. We can assist you in establishing a series of best practices to limit the damage caused by an intrusion.

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Penetration Test Response

Simulate a real-world attack scenario in which a forensic investigator would be requesting logs, and access to servers and/or endpoints. Find gaps in your existing security controls, improving your ability to respond when an attack does occur.

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Incident Response Retainer

An Incident Response Retainer guarantees availability to our Digital Forensics and Incident Response team, minimises the duration and impact of a cybersecurity breach, eliminates costly delays with a pre-arranged contract and attracts incentives offered by cybersecurity insurance providers.

Our retainers offer Breach Readiness, tailored playbooks and for selected packages a customised IR plan suited to your business. Pre-paid days can be used for Workshops and Penetration Test Response.

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IR Methodology

44% of security alerts are never investigated

Plan for incidents before they occur

We will analyse your current detection and response capability; better align it to your business requirements and form an incident response plan. When implemented, this plan will lessen the time between initial detection and final recovery. This prevents business downtime, saves money and protects your brand.

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CPS-234 Compliance Blog

From detection to recovery - how we can help

We will assist in analysing the incident and containing the attack, eradicating adversaries, recovering systems and will analyse the incident for lessons learned.

Our consultants will have full access to the Content Security Incident Response team and can coordinate any service you require. This includes performing an investigation, log, memory and disk forensics, network captures and malware analysis to efficiently and effectively contain the incident and respond accordingly.

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Why you need an incident response plan

As the focus of information security shifts from prevention to detection, an Incident Response Plan is a critical layer in your organisations’ security policy. Our Incident Response team can identify your current detection and response ability and expand this to provide the required visibility. Minimise impact of incidents and maximise organisational security!

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