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Incident Response Plan and Playbooks

Align your plan to your business

Preparation is key to ensuring incidents are detected and response is effective. Planning effective Incident Response will lower the time between the initial detection and the final recovery, preventing downtime, reducing impact and cost whilst saving brand reputation.

When did you last update your Incident Response Plan?

We will analyse your current detection and response capability, better align it to your business requirements and form or improve your Incident Response Plan and Playbooks.

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Testing your Incident Response Plans

Without essential testing of current Incident Response plans, due to panic and a lack of understanding of roles, responsibilities, communication methods and actions, they prove to be rarely followed when an incident occurs. We will run through incident-based scenarios via table-top (TTX) and/or live-fire exercises (LFX) to ensure that the Incident Response process will be triggered in a real-world incident. Testing improves an organisations ability to adhere to IR plans, allows key players to understand their roles and responsibilities in the IR process, thus improving response actions undertaken and time taken to recovery.

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