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You have the best security your budget allows, but why is your network still being compromised?


All it takes is one click by an employee to infect a work station, allow hackers in, cause a ransomware attack, an expensive data breach or worse, a cyber attack.

By increasing the awareness of users within your organisation, Content Security can reduce the risk of a data breach or data loss, and we show this through measurement and reporting before and after awareness training. 

Your current security layers do not sufficiently cover your weakest link: your employees.

Nine out of every ten malware attacks are propagated through human interaction. Training your users to be security aware will provide them with the skills to flag suspicious behavior such as phishing emails or social engineering attempts. Ensuring your employees understand the dangers they face can go a long way to mitigating the risks your organization face.

 Traditional once-a-year security awareness training doesn't cut it any more. Attackers by-pass your technology and target your employees. They are frequently exposed to sophisticated phishing attacks. 



Measure outcomes to show effective ROI and benefits of awareness training.

Social engineering and educational phishing tests before and after the training enable you to not only visualize the results, but also single out any repeat offenders who are increasing the risk to the business. On completion we will also provide and engagement summary and recommendations.

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Training that is customisable to fit your organisation and have an impact.

It is critical that the training and implementation fits the organization. We can customize who is trained and how they are trained by categorizing your employees into groups based on their level of risk to the business. We also focus on specific topics that are more relevant to your industry, and more specific to your organisation.

We specialise in making sure that employees understand the mechanisms of spam, phishing, spear phishing, malware, ransomware and social engineering and are able to apply this knowledge in to their day-to-day job.




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