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Offer assurance with data sharing and transfer

No enterprise is an island. Regardless of size, companies in every industry and government organizations at every level need to exchange a sea of information online with their partners, suppliers, customers, and other constituents. It’s just part of doing business in a digital world.

To transfer critical business files and help multi-enterprise business processes flow smoothly, some enterprises rely on expensive dedicated networks and proprietary software, while others use countless numbers of unsecured, unmonitored FTP, homegrown and point-to-point connections.

Content Security’s managed file transfer (MFT) solutions are optimized to meet the ever-increasing requirements of secure file transfer, enabling secure, auditable, and easy-to-manage Business-to-Business (B2B), Application-to-Application (A2A), and ad hoc information exchange within existing infrastructures.

Our MFT solutions offer a higher level of security and control than FTP. Notable features include reporting (e.g., notification of successful file transfers), non-repudiation, auditability, global visibility, automation of file transfer-related activities and processes, end-to-end security, and performance metrics/monitoring.

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