Gain full visibility and control over mobile user activity

Protect sensitive data on mobile devices, apps, and data through a single built-in console.

The explosion of mobile devices and tablets has led to a revolution in the way we manage data. With the number of advantages that mobile devices bring, there are also a number of security concerns – the integrity of mobile devices and the data that is stored on them is an important factor that needs to be managed.

Content Security offers secure mobile device management solutions that secure, monitor, manage and support mobile devices deployed across allow your organization. This means that your IT department can streamline device management and focus on the business. We offer solutions that combine data-driven mobile device management with real-time wireless cost control.

Content Security has significant expertise and experience in mobile device management. Our mobile device management services, coupled with the leading MDM tools, are used by enterprises in diverse industries to manage smart-phones, tablets, and rugged devices. We support all the major mobile platforms that enterprises deploy – Apple iOS, Android, RIM, Windows Embedded Handheld and Windows Mobile.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we restrict the app store based on category e.g. Show only Free Apps, Block access to certain categories e.g. Games?

No. Apple does not allow blocking selective portions of the App Store. However, our solution allows customers to create groups of “Allowed”, “Disallowed” and “Required” apps.

Is there an enterprise applications store, can we setup an app store to publish to the devices we manage?

Yes. our solution offers a secure Enterprise AppStore to publish/distribute in-house and 3rd party apps.

Can your solution provide over-the-air updates, and can you deploy new versions of iOS etc. without needing to connect the computer to iTunes?

Over the air firmware updates are now done via iTunes.

Is the solution compatible with iOS7?


Is the solution compatible with Blackberry?


Is the solution compatible with Android?


Is the solution compatible with Windows Phone OS


Do you provide Australia-wide support?


Is the support over the internet or can you call a person?