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Security Training


To beat a hacker, think like a hacker

Are you a chief information security officer, security architect or a DevOps developer that would like to understand how cyber criminals are viewing your environment? Are you interested in finding out about the types of tools they’re likely to use to infiltrate your network?
Do you need to analyse penetration forensic tests to quickly discern the difference between critical and non-critical threats so you are better informed to take the right protective measures faster?

If so, our unique hands-on, hacking security training will benefit you greatly.
Content Security offers a unique hands-on introduction to penetration testing and how to be on the offensive when it comes to the security of your organisation. This course is 80% practical and you will perform actual hacking on a virtual company, Sarif Labs, created specifically for this course.

The course is a role-playing game where you take on the persona of a hacker who is recruited by a hacking group called ‘Impact 016’. As you learn more techniques, you will progress through the storyline and gain access to more systems, which in turn open up more of the storyline.

What will I learn?

While we will cover a wide range of security topics, it is not designed to teach everything. The aim is to provide you with enough baseline knowledge so you can continue learning more about ethical hacking.

The following topics are covered:

  • Information Gathering
  • Exploits & Buffer Overflows
  • Local Privilege Escalation
  • Password Attacks
  • Client Side Attacks
  • Pivoting & Tunneling
  • Web Application Attacks
  • Domain Privilege Escalation
  • Wireless Attacks

Training is hands-on where you learn the initial information and then put it to use in a simulated target network.

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What are the Prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites. However, you might not get the most out of the course unless you possess the following:

  • Resilience against failure - In this course you will fail. A lot. And that's a good thing. You learn the most when you fail. After all, hacking is just a long sequence of failures until you reach that one great success.  
  • A "Never give up" attitude - Some parts are intentionally hard and will require you to think differently and creatively. This is often a situation we experience in real world penetration tests.
  • Being comfortable in a command line - Although not a strict requirement, a lot of work we do is in the command line (Linux specifically).
  • Basic understanding of computer networking - Again, not a strict requirement but this course assumes you have baseline knowledge of IP and routing.

Isn't Hacking Illegal?

Hacking is illegal without prior permission from the system owner. As Content Security owns all the target systems, you will be given permission to conduct the hack exercise when you attend the course.

Think like a hacker so you can beat cyber criminals at their own game. Be better equipped to improve and safeguard your network against potential threats. Register for our unique and highly interactive course today.

Register today for our unique and highly interactive course.

Course Information

Course Length: 13 weeks
Timing: 2-3 hour’s per week – usually from 6-9pm one night a week.
Price: $4,900

Is this course offered online?
Yes, this course can be completed online with weekly video conferencing with our course instructor and other classmates.

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