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The SSL VPN device uses the Secure Socket Layer or Transport Layer Security protocol to decrypt data and forward it through the SSL tunnel using specialised hardware. It helps connect individual users to corporate resources. Traditionally, SSL is only used to encrypt web browsing traffic, but clients can now send traffic other than web browsing through the SSL tunnel. SSL VPNs use Secure Socket Layer for data confidentiality, integrity, and authentication when the remote user connects to the corporate resources and extends this functionality to client/server applications as well as web traffic.

SSL VPN has the following advantages over IPSec:

  • Supports full clientless access directly through web browser facilitating anytime, anywhere remote access
  • Granular control of users and policies
  • SSL VPN can fall back to traditional IPSEC for flexibility
  • There are many situations where the IPSec will be unable to connect (e.g. hotel)
  • IPSec VPNs were found to be costly to set up and maintain
  • High availability through clustering of active/passive, active/active environments
  • Platform is designed to be secured, by using encrypted file system, hardened applications and restriction of access to the underlying OS

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