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New Software Vulnerabilities Are Released Almost Daily

Exploiting vulnerabilities is also the most common method used by attackers to compromise the security of any organisation’s information management systems. Therefore, a successful vulnerability management program is necessary for all organisations to continuously identify, assess and remediate vulnerabilities in their IT environment and keep it from being compromised. Many compliance regulations (PCI-DSS, HIPAA etc.) and cybersecurity frameworks (NIST, CSF etc.) also list vulnerability management program as a crucial step for protecting an organisations intellectual property.

However, the vulnerability management program is easier said than done. There are various challenges associated with Vulnerability Management which we discuss below and how Content Security’s Vulnerability management service can assist your organisation run a successful vulnerability management program.

Here are some of the challenges companies face:

  • Incomplete visibility - Many organisations are using cloud services that may contain sensitive data to quickly expand their network. Because of the rapid expanstion, most organisations have no visibility of all security vulnerabilities, leading to attackers being able to breach the organisation’s network.
  • Standard prioritisation - The risk that each vulnerability poses to an organisation is different from other organisations. Since most organisations don’t have complete visibility of their network security posture, they are unable to correctly prioritise vulnerabilities that are critical to the network and should be remediated quickly and may waste valuable time remediating vulnerabilities that pose no risk to the business.
  • Ineffective remediation - Because of incomplete visibility and incorrect prioritization, the remediation process becomes a pointless exercise that fails to add any value in improving the security posture of the organisation’s network. Furthermore, many organisations rely on their patch management systems to give them a report of whether a vulnerability was mitigated when most systems don’t perform such verification.

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How we protect you

Our vulnerability management service is a combination of using Tenable’s SecurityCenter Continuous View platform (vulnerability analysis and management platform) along with our expertise and extensive experience in this space to identify, manage and remediate vulnerabilities on your network.

Content Security will deploy, manage and maintain the Tenable SecurityCenter Continuous View Platform and provide you the benefits of vulnerability management as a service without the overhead of managing the solution yourself.

As a result, the following benefits are experienced:

  • Complete visibility with alerts and month reports
  • Custom prioritisation with vulnerability analysis and intelligence gathering
  • Effective remediation to close the gaps and improve your network security posture

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