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Content Security

Protecting our clients brand, reputation and profitability


Securing Australian Organisations

We are an Australian IT security integration and consulting firm with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Founded in March 2000, we focus on protecting our customers’ brand, reputation and profitability. We do this by helping manage cyber threats through robust security architecture, secure cloud solutions and advanced forensics. 

Take a look at our history.


Content Security was founded


Content Security introduced it's Penetration Testing services


Content Security introduced it's GRC services


Content Security opened it's Melbourne office


Content Security reached 50 employees


Content Security opened it's Brisbane office

Content Security in 2020 ...

As the security journey continues to evolve, so do we...

In the last three years, the cyber journey has created a number of challenges for our customers. The significant shortage of IT Security expertise has meant that more Australian organisations are relying on Content Security to compliment their at times limited in-house security expertise. Organisations also look to us to help them react quickly to security breaches and reduce their impact.

To stay abreast of the ever-growing threat landscape, we continually invest in growing our teams across cyber security excellence through building out incident response play-books, delivering red teaming and building a threat hunting service.

With changes to Privacy legislation, we spend a lot of time helping customers develop and build their compliance and ISO 27001 framework. With 80% of cyber breaches occurring as a result of poor user behaviour, information security awareness education is another key service we offer customers today – a discipline highly valued by management in corporations large and small..

Finally, more customers are asking us to build and manage their security environment because we are passionate about security and stay on the leading edge of security innovations and methods. We look forward to helping you confidently overcome daily security challenges across your business, operations and customer base.

2017 Information Security Demands

Penetration Testing | Incident Response | Red Teaming


Compliance: ISO 27001 | PCI-DSS | Privacy


Managed Services | Security Architecture


Information Security Technology Expertise




What our clients say ...

In today's fast moving technology landscape, it is critical for Knox Grammar School to ensure its network is running efficiently and securely. By leveraging Content Security's industry knowledge, Knox were able to significantly improve network security and implement IT processes to maintain best practise.

Mike Israel (IT Manager) - Knox Grammar School

Content Security's penetration testing was thorough, comprehensive and professional. We'd happily utilise their services again.

Jason Purvis (Head of IT Security) - Challenger

Content Security provided a team of experts to complete an architecture review and manage our technology investments, supporting the vulnerability scanning, advanced server security and privileged access management. This has allowed us to achieve ISM compliance, a major objective for the organisation. We are proud to have an ongoing partnership with Content Security.

Peter James (Chief Architect) - Healthdirect Australia

The Hands-on Hacking course was an excellent way to gain practical knowledge of security issues facing an organisation, and how these issues may be exploited. Being hands on meant that we did the work of exploiting them, showing us how an attacker might also approach vulnerabilities, and use tools and methods to gain access to sensitive data.

David Pegler (Systems Administration) - Illawarra Retirement Trust

This course is an excellent launchpad for those looking to dive into pentesting and hacking. The training provides a solid explanation of the critical concepts behind attacking computer systems, and has an excellent hands-on component that allows you to test your knowledge on simulated real-world targets! I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to break into infosec.

Simon Abeshouse - Digital Forensics Analyst

I approached Content Security as they were one of two service providers recommended by our auditor in response to our inquiry regarding the best way to assess any cyber security threat to our operations. Content Security provided a professional, comprehensive and affordable quote for their cyber security review, and we engaged them to undertake that review. I would happily recommend any organisation thinking about the risks of cyber security threats to talk with the staff at Content Security. We are very pleased with their work.

Craig Connelly (CEO) - Ian Potter Foundation